Photography is a language that can be used to convey emotions, it is a way to interact with the world, to investigate, discover and evidence something that couldn’t be expressed otherwise. What motivates me as a photographer is to communicate a certain feeling or mood to my viewer. I want to go beyond the motif and to make us question the reality that is being presented before our eyes. The world is a mysterious place, there is much to be explored. With the camera in my hands, I have the possibility to go on a journey and to share my vision, intuition and, hopefully, to inspire other people.

Key words:

Portraiture | Environmental photography | Visual storytelling 


One of the things I enjoy the most is taking pictures at night. I love working with the artificial city lights to enhance a certain mood in my photos. For me, harsh weather usually means good pictures. For that reason, Denmark has been a generous land and I am usually thrilled to take pictures during the winter.
I have several on going photo series where I capture foggy landscapes, urban scenes at night and environmental pictures whenever the weather is on “my side”.

Read a short interview and some of my thoughts about photography on Aarhus Makers.


How I started to work with photography 

During art school (2007-2012) I had analogue photography classes, but only later on I started working as a photographer. I got my first digital camera in 2013, so I could work on my portfolio. What I didn’t know back then, was that taking pictures would be a goal in itself and that the camera would be my instrument of work for the next couple of years. 



Cultural events in Aarhus

I work as a freelance photographer and most of my assignments are related with cultural events in Aarhus: art exhibitions, plays, concerts and literary events. I have been working as a volunteer photographer for Litterær Lounge since 2014 and I am glad for meeting with people and covering their events.



You can see more of my photos and follow the activities I am involved with on my Facebook page. Hope you will enjoy the content.

This webpage is an ongoing process, I am always seeking to make it better and to update it. Feel free to contact me for queries, ideas or suggestions.
© all photos by Mariana Gil