I am a brazilian visual artist and photographer based in Aarhus, Denmark. I studied visual arts at the University of São Paulo (2007-2012) and have a master’s degree in Cognitive Semiotics from Aarhus University (2014-2016). I work with both still and moving images and seek to expand my visual vocabulary in every assignment I take, no matter if I am working on my own project or on a photoshoot for a client. My goal is to create strong and authentic compositions.


Exploring analog and digital technologies

Alongside with experimental filmmaker Kasper Lauritzen and under the name of VHS-Fabrikken, I have been working in a video art collective that specializes in obsolete video technologies. Using analog video equipment, we have collaborated with musicians to produce music videos and live visuals at concerts in close creative dialogue with the performers as we expand their sonic universe with optical depth and textures. Our work also includes installations at festivals, open workshop, video art and video-graphics. See more here;