Vhs-fabrikken is a project I am working in collaboration with Don Kasperaliteten. We do analog visual effects, installations, screenings, workshops and more.

Kasperaliteten is more of a technical-synthesizer-geek, playing and bending the analog equipment and web of wires, while I frame the compositions, use creative camera moves and soundscapes.

The result of our collaboration you can see down bellow. This is a sneak peek from one of our video jam, more is up to come 🙂

Camera operation: Mariana Gil and Don Kasperaliteten

Visual effects: Mariana Gil and Don Kasperaliteten

Video synthesizer: Don Kasperaliteten

Video editing: Mariana Gil

Sound: Lord Echo. Modified excerpt from “Ghost hands”;

For this video jam we used 3 cameras, 2 video synthesizers, 1 computer, 1 VCR, 1 VHS tape and 3 tv screens.



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