All you need is fog

These photos were all taken early on today. It was quite foggy here in Aarhus and I’ve been walking for hours taking pictures, with no route in mind. I just followed the light. Until my socks got wet from getting into weird places and I started freezing.

But it was a nice day.

Cellphone pictures

One of these days… I was too lazy to carry my camera around the city, but that wasn’t an impediment for me to catch these images.

Sometimes it is not all about having the best gear at hand, but to feel the mood and use the resources you have.


Habitat Aarhus


This picture got selected as runner-up for the “Habitat Aarhus” photo competition this month. Habitat Aarhus is a competition made to highlight works that re-think the city as a space to experience the nature.

You can read about it on JP Aarhus journal published today:…/ECE8356…/oehavehare-begejstrede/