On the edge

“A moment were the differences between the living and the dead erodes. A woman visits the grave of her parents and descents into memories. Shortly after she is struck by a brain hemorrhage. She tries to remember her life, but the bleeding counteracts her memory. What is real? And is it really her? On the edge (På sit yderste, danish title) describes the wanderings of remembrance in this woman’s life; flickering and fumbling trough childhood, joy in Danish nature and searing sorrow. A novel about living on the edge of existence and a characteristic of people living most of their lives in silence. “

On going project, visual storytelling in collaboration with Daniel Boysen and Martin Lau. The series presents videos and still images that comprises a parallel universe of Daniel’s actual book ‘På sit yderste’ .


On the edge between video documentation and poetic imagery, Ekkoland was recorded in Silkeborg and Mols during Daniel’s writting process.

Video: Mariana Gil

Voice / text: Daniel Boysen

Sound: Martin Lau