Brazilian photographer based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Framing images that elicit a certain mood through an aesthetic that the viewer can relate to.
Working with digital photography since 2013.

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 About me: 

Mariana Gil is a visual artist and has a master’s degree in Cognitive Semiotics.

She exhibited her work, among other places, at the art exhibition “What a wonderful world” in Nees and at the street-art festival “Galore” in Copenhagen. She got a runner-up place in the photo competition “Habitat Århus” and some of her pictures can be seen at the Department of Brazilian Studies at Aarhus University.

Mariana is a freelance photographer and recently contributed as a photo-journalist to the web-magazine Fine Spind, a magazine about culture in Denmark.

Discovering Photography

During art school (2007-2012) she had analogue photography classes, but only later on she started working as a photographer. Mariana got her first digital camera in 2013, so she could work on her portfolio. What she didn’t know back then, was that taking pictures would be a goal in itself and that the camera would be her instrument of work for the next couple of years. She often takes pictures of subjects at night, where the artificial city lights plays a main role in the compositions.



This webpage is an ongoing process, I am always seeking to make it better and to update the content. I hope you enjoy it!

© all photos by Mariana Gil

Feel free to contact me for queries, ideas or suggestions.



  1. Love your photos! You have a great style and fabulous artistic eye. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad to hear it
      I also saw your blog and really liked it 😀

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  2. I saw your one photo post
    It was nice
    Good art work

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  3. very much enjoyed looking at your photos


    1. thank you very much!


  4. Just realised we’re from the same uni, different master’s though! Happy holidays! 🙂

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    1. nice, it shouldn’t be that hard for us to have a cup of coffee someday 🙂
      I’m looking at your blog, I love your pictures 😉

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      1. We definitely should. Always nice to meet fellow shutterbugs and creatives 🙂 And thanks, I am loving your pics too – they’re wonderful!

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